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Innovations in Orthopaedic Care

Advancing Research in Foot & Ankle Surgery

Dr. Beck has numerous peer-reviewed publications on orthopaedics topics, including ankle arthroplasty and ligamentous conditions about the foot & ankle & has presented his work at both the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) & American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS).

David Beck M.D.

Meet Dr. Beck Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon Foot & Ankle Specialist

Dr. David Beck completed his undergraduate education at Amherst College in Massachusetts, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology and was a starter on the varsity lacrosse team. He earned his medical degree from the New York University School of Medicine in Manhattan, New York.

Sports-Related Foot & Ankle Injuries

Injuries to the foot and ankle are common while playing sports such as football, hockey, skating and in weekend athletes. Common sports injuries include sprains and strains, ankle fractures and Achilles tendinitis.

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Informational Videos by Dr. Beck

Dr. David Beck explains why he chose orthopedics and foot and ankle as a specialty.

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What Our Patients Are Saying


  • How can I thank you? Not just for your professional skills but for the thought and concern you displayed while treating me.
    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Minimally invasive bunion surgery, also known as keyhole bunion surgery, is a procedure to treat a foot condition called a bunion or hallux valgus. The procedure involves making a few small incisions to access the bone around the bunion and correct the deformity.

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Publications & Presentations

  • publicaton 1 publicaton 1h

    Midterm Outcome of the Agility Total Ankle Arthroplasty.

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  • publicaton 2 publicaton 2h

    Prolonged Weakness Affects Recovery of Motor Function Following Anterior Cervical Discetomy and Fusion.

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  • publicaton 3 publicaton 3h

    Bilateral Posterior Tibial Tendon and Flexor Digitorum Longus Dislocations: A Case Report

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  • Areas of Expertise

    Dr. Beck offers comprehensive care for the foot and ankle with a special interest in trauma and reconstructive procedures, ankle arthroscopy, minimally invasive procedures, ankle joint replacement, and sports injuries.

  • Ankle Joint

    Ankle joint replacement, also known as total ankle arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure...

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  • Ankle Ligament

    Inadequate healing of a sprained ankle ligament or incomplete rehabilitation of the affected...

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  • Achilles
    Tendon Repair

    The Achilles tendon is the longest tendon in the body joining the calf muscle to the heel bone.

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Patient Education Videos & Resources

The following informational resources and educational videos can help you understand your condition and better participate in the treatment plan.