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Getting to Know David Beck, MD

Dr. David Beck’s mother always told him that he could do anything, except go into medicine. He comes from a medical family. His father and brother are nephrologists, his sister is a family medicine physician specializing in sports medicine, and her husband is a urogynecologist. “She said she needed someone to talk to at Thanksgiving,” he said with a laugh. He majored in Economics and Psychology at Amherst College in Massachusetts and planned to go into finance. However, after an internship at a major financial firm in Manhattan, he realized that finance was not his calling, and turned, perhaps inevitably, to medicine.

He believes his choice to go into orthopaedics leads back to his involvement in sports from an early age. He played lacrosse, basketball, and football in high school in south Florida and went on to play varsity lacrosse in college. He completed his medical training at New York University School of Medicine and then moved to Philadelphia to pursue his orthopaedic residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital under the tutelage of the surgeons at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute.

While at Jefferson, he decided to specialize in foot and ankle surgery, because he felt it gave him the widest variety. “We’re in a time where orthopaedics and all fields are so sub-specialized, and it offered me the opportunity to perform a wide variety of procedures, while still focusing on one part of the body. For example, you can do sports-type procedures, arthroscopy, total ankle replacements, and many different reconstructive procedures of the foot.”

After residency, he went on to become fellowship trained in foot and ankle surgery at the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction in Baltimore, MD. For his patients, he uses a wide range of treatments. “I always like to exhaust all non-operative treatments before we offer surgery. Additionally, the specialty of Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle surgery has seen a rapid state of innovation in recent years, giving us new tools to tackle common problems that affect the foot and ankle.”

While in college, Dr. Beck met his wife, who is now an attorney. They married during residency and now have two children, a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. They enjoy spending time together as a family outdoors. When their son was born, the Becks decided they would try to visit one national park a year. Now that they’ve moved to South Carolina, they have enjoyed hiking in the wildlife refuges and spending time at the beach. Dr. Beck says he enjoys golf if he has the time, and while he claims he is not good at it, he does try.

He is excited to join CMC Orthopaedics and help start the practice at Conway Medical Center. He wants to help his patients get back to their everyday activities. “Orthopaedics gives us the opportunity to see people when they’re hurting and get them back to the activities they love free of pain.”

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