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    Comments: What’s better than a successful surgery? It’s a successful surgery performed by an outstanding surgeon surrounded by qualified and caring people. Dr David Beck part of CMC Orthopaedics performed surgery on my arthritic ankle. From my first visit, Dr. Beck carefully explained what I needed to do each step of the way. He didn’t just give me a brace and after surgery a boot, he took the time to show me how to put them on my foot and made sure that I understood the process. Dr. Beck made sure that I felt comfortable on the day of surgery and every day after surgery. The CMC staff was also key in my success on surgery day. Before and after the surgery the CMC Ortho office has been a vital part of my success. The office runs smoothly and my wait has never been over fifteen minutes. Every office worker that I have seen has been professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Beck for the excellent medical care that you have given me.I highly recommend CMC Ortho to anyone needed orthopedic care.